Ascension: Why all this works

The miracle of the ascension is more important to my mind, than ever before. The more I understand and appreciate the gospel, the more I realize it is not about me. I can’t save a soul. But this is precisely what God does: save souls. The plan was laid down before creation, and executed by God made flesh. 

Jesus’ words on the cross are famous. Many of us have done the “last words of Christ” sermon series around Easter time. When he said “If is finished,” He was certainly referring to His atoning love demonstrated in His life laid down. But it was also something of a fore-runner to the most significant implication of the ascension. 

Jesus ascended, yes, but then He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. This is a final symbol of the finished-ness of redemption. 

Jesus worked to perfection…in the sense of “completion,” I mean. Then He sat down. Nothing could now, or ever, be added to it. It was done. He didn’t sit until the work was done. Body broken, Lamb slaughtered, atonement made; prophecy fulfilled, salvation purchased, death defeated; forgiveness given, grace lavished, inheritance assured. It IS finished! So He sat down. He now reigns supreme. He has only to come as judge. 

Now the Spirit can be given to Hs church and He can fulfill His promise to be with us always and to the very end. 

Because He sat down, you and I can relax. Take a deep breath. Enter our sabbath rest, and align ourselves with praying and watching for the names written in His book. Respect them, love them, collect them, according to His design for our purpose on earth.

This is the gospel: incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, commission, ascension.

It is finished.

And one day we will be.

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