Crucifixion…Jesus Paid it All

Creation, our first point of “a full gospel,” implied the fall, if linked with incarnation. It is the fleshly nature that must be redeemed, restored. It’s not so much that we sin, but that we are by nature sinners. At conception. Imputed. Inherited. As through one man’s sin, sin enter all men.

So, then, death entered and now life, which is in the blood, must be bought back. The unblemished sacrifice, qualified through virgin conception and verified through sinless living, propitiated, satisfied the wrath of God against all ungodliness. The fulfillment of so many prophecies is not as important, though amazing, except that law and history reached its apex just as had been told us through those prophets. 

We started with creation, though, because if humanity can reason its way to the top of the spiritual food chain, then forgiveness for sins committed is unnecessary, much less transformation of nature. But both were paid for, on the cross that day, in full. This is the turning point for today’s post-Christian environment. Our language, in a context of love, must be plain, pointing humbly and transparently to our common brokenness as evidence of this sin problem. Practically speaking, I wonder if we could abandon the recent value of portraying a strong and sinless image for an honest admission of the specifics behind our desperation for a crucified Savior. Otherwise, all we’re communicating, perhaps unintentionally, is that none of us really need one.

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