Incarnation the “greatest of all”?

We skip over a lot of material when we go from creation to incarnation. Suffice it to say that the pre-existent Creator, the 2nd Person of the Trinity, by whom and for whom all things were created, and in whom they are sustained, became a man. This was planned, before the foundation of this universe, as we purport to know it (but couldn’t possibly), and executed in the fullness of time…in Bethlehem. How do we rank miracles? How do we suggest lesser or greater import of each of these indispensable portions of the wonder of our salvation? But it is the INCARNATION of Christ that seems to me the greatest miracle of all. That God, in spirit, infinite, uncontained, could be, much less would be encased in human form is simply beyond comprehension. Never mind the anonymity of it, the humility of it, the total lack of presumption or assertion or ambition of it. It is the fleshy-ness of it that I am today inviting you to consider for its sheer magnificence. There is no other more contrasting condition than this. It would seem impossible, but not just in the matter of an unlikely arranging of matter. Or in the inappropriate, even blasphemous nature of being reduced to so inglorious of conditions. Or the mystery of the setting aside that inherent glory (whatever that actually means). But it is the salvific component that amazes. The perfection of the gospel in its entirety. This isn’t a story we believe and receive only. This isn’t “accepting baby Jesus into our baby hearts.” The full requirement of a virgin conception (to avoid imputation of Adam’s sin) and thereby (and exclusively by the way) qualify him for “perfect lamb” status is (forgive the earthly measure) genius. Beyond that, only a human (yes a sinless one, not in behavior, but in nature), could be the only qualified substitute. Who thinks of this? I keep returning to the idea that humankind has attempted to create religious/spiritualist systems of all varieties, and that none covers the necessary qualifiers to actually save. If the creation narrative (last post) established that we are not God and that we are in need of God (a Savior) then here (incarnation of God) begins the incredible drama, one act after another, that leads compellingly and irresistibly toward our salvation. We beheld Him in His glory, as He dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

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