The Honor of Pastoral Ministry

Perhaps you hear it often. Most likely not. It is a good thing you have chosen to do brothers.

After pastoring local churches for 28 years, I began my ministry of “pastoring pastors.” Some of you have allowed me the privilege of being there for you in a wide variety of contexts, and I am grateful for it. Many have allowed me to hold forth the word of God from your pulpits. This additional layer of pastoring has been my honor. It has afforded me several opportunities. I am able to vicariously celebrate in a ministry I once had as my own. Most of you know that to preach the word, in season and out of season, the whole counsel of God, is a call I share with you. I have, in more recent years, honed that calling to what the Bible calls “the furtherance of the gospel.” What I miss, and you enjoy, I now commend to you as a calling high and honorable: “Feed my sheep.” Keep pressing on in your faithfulness. In this Christmastime, I wish you rich and happy ministry, the love of family and friends, and a gospel fruitfulness like never before.

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