Grateful for What Can Not be Taken Away

Give_Thanks_std_tIt’s Thanksgiving week, and one might consider the fact that Christian leaders all over America are encouraging people to give thanks; count blessings; take no thing for granted.

Instead, I’m going to share what has become the most gratitude-provoking-revolutionary-practice in my short life: Giving thanks for the invisible and eternal.

I’m tempted to invite you to cease giving thanks for anything, or anyone, tangible this year. One year. One Thanksgiving Day. if I was to invite you to only verbalize your thanks, from a contemplative heart of deep appreciation, for only those things that are invisible and eternal, and therefore CAN NOT BE TAKEN AWAY, would you take the challenge? Go ahead, make a list. It’s long. It’s biblical. And it will be the most profound, theologically deep, Christ-honoring, and soul-altering experience you’ve ever had at a Thanksgiving. Teach this practice to your loved ones and you will have maximized your disciplemaking influence on this most wondrous of all American holidays!

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