I had a brother, a colleague, mention something that took me back. I suppose its because it is a rare thought in our circles. Especially in an organization with the word central to its mission and vision. It’s almost assumed in our culture.

And maybe that’s the problem.

He said that all we’ve ever done is “add” and that “multiplication” is neither biblical nor an option. It has never been done, and never will be.

So, we could plunge into that discussion on a theoretical level, or we could refuse that and refocus on real life. 

I use 1 Timothy 2:2 as a model for multiplication. 4 generations are depicted here: Paul came to faith, and God used him in Timothy’s life. Then Paul called Timothy to do the same with “faithful men.” And then Paul casted vision for Timothy when he added: “…who will reach others also.”

The first “discussion community” we enjoyed with our friends in the city was centered around “A life well-lived.” I’ve decided that 4th generational multiplied faith is a good description.

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