Broken Bridges

Peter told us we are “…a royal priesthood.”
The Latin for “priest” is the same word (pontus) used for “bridge.” It occurred to me, during the construction of the new Oakland Bay Bridge, with the old and the new, the beaten and the gleaming, the aged and the fresh standing side by side, that if I am a priest, a bridge from man to God, then I am the old bridge. Both are functional (or were, before they started the dismantling of the old — another metaphor altogether!). But I, for one, have wearied of living up to the expectations for appearance and performance the new one represents. I am now ready to boast in my weakness, with Paul, so that the glory is for Jesus, and grace takes its place of true amazement. It is out of this spirit that any of our dialogues on this blog, carry on from this day forward.
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2 Responses to Broken Bridges

  1. Norah Jacobo says:

    I have always considered you the bridge who carried me from my weakness towards understanding the Lords love for me and his forgiveness of my sins through Jesus. Thank you for sharing your teaching and reminding us that the Glory is for Jesus and Haleluah for that!

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